1. Henbit

    Henbit is a broadleaf, winter annual that germinates in the fall or winter. In the winter months, it grows during any periods of warm weather. Unless there are periods of unusually warm weather, it will mostly stay dormant during the winter. It will resume growth and produce seed in the spring. In February through June, it produces purple tube-shaped flowers in clusters above the upper leaves. The…Read More

  2. Henbit in Peachtree City Lawns

    Henbit in Peachtree City lawns, is a broad leaf, winter annual weed.  Henbit reproduces solely by seed and begins to germinate in the fall or winter and then remains dormant until spring when it resumes growth and produces more seeds.  This type of winter annual most commonly grows on roadsides, pastures, and unfortunately in your Peachtree City lawn.  Henbit will quickly invade thin, scant tur…Read More