1. Cultural Control for Disease Prevention

    There are many factors that come into play when it comes to your turf’s health. The most beneficial action you take is to ensure your lawn is being managed properly. Frequent mowing at the correct height is crucial to turf health. Not mowing often enough will result in stressed turf once it is cut, making it more susceptible to disease. High humidity with warm temperatures, which is expected in …Read More

  2. Newnan Zoysia

    Newnan zoysiagrass is a warm season turf that originated in Asia.  Zoysia is a dense textured grass that grows from early spring to late fall.  It has a deep root system and it is known for being a heat and drought resistant grass as well as being able to tolerate cold temperatures.  However, after the first frost the grass will turn brown as it begins to go dormant and is among the first to gr…Read More