Your turf may not be the only part of your landscape that could benefit from our services. Many of Georgia’s commonly planted trees and shrubs also suffer from pests and diseases, and the resulting damage can compromise the aesthetics of your home and landscape. The good news is that your friends at Nature’s Turf recognize how important your landscape investment is to you, and they have a specialized team that is here to help!

Our certified professionals have worked hard to develop an integrated plant health program that will protect your landscape, your family, and your wallet. Our primary program goal is to improve and maintain optimum plant health through timely fertilization and preventative care. When pests and diseases do arise, our targeted treatments allow us to spend more time focusing on your specific needs, to limit pesticide applications, and to maintain low treatment costs. Nature’s Turf has also handpicked some of the safest and most environmentally friendly products on the market in order to address your pest and disease problems in a safe and responsible manner.