Rhizoctonia Large Patch, or more commonly known as Zoysia patch is one of the most significant and infections lawn diseases in Newnan, Georgia.  Rhizoctonia Large Patch is closely related to pathogen causing brown patch in Fescue lawns.  However, the rhizoctonia pathogen only infects zoysia turf stands.  Lawns are more susceptible to zoysia patch when entering into and emerging from winter dormancy due to warm days followed by cool nights with moisture remaining on grass blades.  Newnan, Georgia lawns are more likely to develop zoysia patch if there is excess soil moisture and thatch buildup.  Symptoms of zoysia patch include small circular brown patches of lifeless grass with and orangish brown ring along the perimeter.   While this type of disease will weaken your turf, it will normally not kill your turf stand but it should be controlled with a fungicide to keep it from spreading throughout the lawn.

 zoysia patch