In McDonough, Georgia, zoysia patch or large patch is a common lawn disease of zoysia turf grasses as it enters and leaves dormancy.  Large patch may affect any warm season turf grass but is partial to zoysia lawns. This type of lawn disease is caused by a fungus that is active in the fall while your zoysia lawn is dormant.  Symptoms are not seen until the lawn begins to come out of dormancy in the spring.  Zoysia patch appears as circular patches of yellow or brown turf.  The grass within these patches usually appear sunken in and weeds easily fill in where the turf is damaged.  An orange or bronze border around the perimeter of the patches is characteristically associated with zoysia lawns in McDonough, Georgia.   This orange “firing” around the edges happens to newly infected grass blades.  Zoysia patch happens under cool, moist conditions.  Soil compaction, poor drainage, and excessive shade are also contributors to this lawn disease.